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The Cong - Viettel Football Club (Vietnamese: Câu lạc bộ Bóng đá Thể Công - Viettel), commonly known as The Cong or by its most recent former name Viettel FC, is a Vietnamese professional football club based in Hanoi. The club belongs to Viettel Sports Co. Ltd, a part of Viettel Group and competes in the V.League 1, the top tier of the Vietnamese football league system.
The Cong - Viettel, formerly known as Thể Công, is one of the most widely supported clubs and also the most successful club in Vietnamese football history, having won a record 19 national titles, including nine consecutively, from 1971 to 1979. The club has also contributed many great players to the national team.
The Cong - Viettel's traditional colour is red, leading to the nickname Cơn lốc đỏ (Red Tornado). As Thể Công, they held a long-standing rivalry with Công an Hà Nội (a club run by the Hanoi Police, not to be confused with the recently rebranded Cong An Ha Noi), known as the "Hanoi Derby" or the "Vietnamese Clasico", from the mid-1950s to their dissolution in 2002. Nowadays, the derby is contested between The Cong - Viettel and Hanoi FC.

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