thanh xuân valley

The Thanh Hóa Bridge (Vietnamese: Cầu Hàm Rồng, Hàm Rồng Bridge), spanning the Song Ma river, is situated 3 miles (4.8 km) northeast of Thanh Hóa (pronunciation), the capital of Thanh Hóa Province in Vietnam. The Vietnamese gave it the nickname Hàm Rồng (Dragon's Jaw). In 1965 during the Vietnam War, it was the objective of many attacks by US Air Force and US Navy aircraft which would fail to destroy the bridge until 1972, even after hundreds of attacks. The bridge was restored in 1973. As of 2016, the bridge still stands.Originally built by the French during the colonial era in Vietnam, the Thanh Hóa bridge was sabotaged by the Viet Minh in 1945. From 1957, the Vietnamese started rebuilding it. Allowing the passage of both road and rail traffic, it was a vital link between different regions of North Vietnam, and when the war started, became a strategic passage for supplies and reinforcements sent to the Viet Cong fighting in South Vietnam.
In their first air combat, a small force of seemingly mismatched MiG-17s inflicted significant losses on much larger and more advanced American F-105 Thunderchief at a cost of 3 of their own, with an F-100 Super Sabre claiming the first probable American kill of the conflict. The encounter led to significant changes in American tactics and training, and a return to dog-fighting in air combat doctrine. Eventually, in 1972, the bridge was destroyed by USAF F-4 Phantoms using laser-guided bombs and US Navy Vought A-7s with advanced and conventional bombs.

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    Thung Lũng Thanh Xuân - Nơi khai phá cuộc sống đẳng cấp cùng biệt thự nghỉ dưỡng

    Bạn muốn tận hưởng cuộc sống đẳng cấp và kết nối với thiên nhiên trong một không gian yên bình? Biệt thự nghỉ dưỡng tại Thung Lũng Thanh Xuân chắc chắn sẽ làm bạn hài lòng. Tại sao nên chọn Thung Lũng Thanh Xuân: Khung cảnh thiên nhiên hùng vĩ: Dự án nằm bên cạnh Hồ Đại Lải, mang đến cho...