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"Từ hôm nay (Feel Like Ooh)" (English: "From now on") is a song recorded by Vietnamese model and actor Chi Pu, written and produced by South Korean musicians Krazy Park and Eddy S. Park, with translation handled by singer-songwriter Trang Pháp. This K-pop-influenced electropop track served as the first official single launching its performer's career as a recording artist.
On October 10, 2017, "Từ hôm nay (Feel Like Ooh)" was released via Chi Pu's self-established label GOM Entertainment. However, it quickly drew negative reception from the public, which was mostly aimed at the performer's limited vocal abilities and Trang Pháp's lyrical work. Chi Pu's decision to pursue a singing career also created a controversial debate among celebrities, attracting various opinions from artists such as Hương Tràm and Lam Trường. Further criticisms went to the song's accompanying music video for being disjointed in content, and eventually, it became that year's most-disliked V-pop video on YouTube.
The track's Korean version, titled "Ijebuteo", was later included in Chi Pu's debut extended play Love Story (2017). While her live performances were panned for weak vocals, cover versions from Trung Quân and Trọng Hiếu received a more-favorable reception. The latter's rendition was also released as a single in January 2018.

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