Dirty ex-husband's plan to send 'gifts' on the wedding day makes me miserable


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Dirty ex-husband's plan to send 'gifts' on the wedding day makes me miserable
On my wedding day, my dirty ex-husband sent me a "special gift" that made me miserable afterwards.
Because I was pregnant, I had to get married at a very young age, so that for 5 years at my husband's house, I was under a lot of pressure. My husband's parents despised me for not having a job, saying that I was a parasite all day. My sister-in-law also considers me as a domestic helper, she has never called me a sister-in-law. As for the husband, whenever he doesn't like something, he scolds his wife right in front of everyone.

Unable to bear being rejected at my husband's house, I surreptitiously carried my child and left there to live with my grandmother. Unexpectedly, as soon as I got to my grandmother's house, the whole husband's family was there to fight for my son. They told me I could go, but no one could take their grandchildren. I don't want to go back to that house again, which means never seeing my kids again.

After going to court, my husband had an economy, so he won custody of the children, and I left empty-handed.

Leaving my husband's house, I went to the city to find a job and rarely returned to my hometown, because when I returned to my hometown, the images of the past came back and made me suffer more.

After 8 years of leaving my hometown, I am now completely different, becoming a woman who knows how to take care of herself, how to talk and confidently face people.

After more than a year of research, I finally accepted Thanh. He is 2 years older than me, but he is a virgin and has a well-off family. My boyfriend also knows that I once had a husband and a child, but he still accepted to marry me because he truly loved me. However, for fear of family objections, Thanh still hid this from them.


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On my wedding day, suddenly my ex-husband brought his son to return, causing all the halls to riot. My husband's family was very surprised to know that I had passed a husband's life and had a child.

Dirty ex-husband sent a 'gift' on the wedding day made me miserable - 1

My ex-husband told me that he had worked hard to raise his children for many years, now he has returned the children to me so that he can get a new wife. I did not expect my ex-husband to be so dirty, choosing the right day of my wedding to break the wedding.

But anyway, having my baby back is also a joy for me. I told my ex-husband straight that if he didn't take me anymore, I would raise them.

However, my husband's parents immediately protested that I took my stepchild to their house to live. Because Thanh said he knew in advance and accepted that I had a boat once, they would accept it anyway because the plank was already built, but the child had to have another plan. My parents-in-law wanted me to send my son to my grandmother's house and send him monthly support.

I turned to Thanh for help, but he agreed with his parents. I understand, he accepts a woman who has been through a husband and has a child does not mean that he accepts to live with his wife's stepchild. Remember, he really never promised to raise my child or treat him as his own, because I never raised this problem, never thought that my ex-husband would return the child to me.

For nearly 10 years now, I have always wanted to get custody of my children. Now that you are with me, how can I let you go? What do I have to say to get my husband's family to agree to take the child home to raise?

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